What is Home Art Studio?

This program is designed to increase students’ love and appreciation of the visual arts. The Home Art Studio program will enhance a child’s ability to problem-solve, think creatively, and truly see the world around them. The art projects students will complete are designed to illustrate the elements and principles of art in an age-appropriate way.

We recommend viewing and beginning one project a week. The lessons build on prior knowledge. Throughout the school year, the student will gain greater understanding and hands-on skills.

The lessons include a variety of media. Students are introduced to drawing, painting, sculpture, and more! Students will also listen to professional artists, take a trip to an art museum, and learn about how art is everywhere in the world around them. Parents don’t need to be intimidated by their own lack of knowledge or skill as an artist. The projects are easy to follow, and a lot of fun for students!

Students will work at different paces. It’s just fine if a student wants to take a long time on their masterpiece. Please let them go at their own speed to express themselves, while also taking the time to make sure they absorb the concepts being taught in the lesson. Most importantly, keep “art time” pressure-free and encourage your student to think outside the canvas; students are most creative when they’re having fun!

How do I find the lesson plans?

Step One: Insert the DVD into your computer. It will begin playing automatically. Exit out of the player.








Step Two: Go to Start. Click on Computer, then on “DVD RW Drive”








Step Three: You will see three folders. Click on the folder marked “content.”








Step Four: Inside the content folder you will find a .pdf file marked “Curriculum”. Click on it.








Step Five: The pdf files will now be on your screen. You can easily scroll down to find the written lesson plans for each project, or print out the document for reference for the whole year!

How do I get supplies?

To purchase the supplies, visit Jerry’s Artarama and enter the corresponding keywords in the search bar for the grades that apply:
A. Kindergarten: has-k
B. First Grade: has-first
C. Second Grade: has-second
D. Third Grade: has-third
E. Fourth Grade: has-fourth
F. Fifth Grade: has-fifth

What if I already own some of the art supplies? Do I need to order the entire set for my grade level?

No, you do not have to order the entire set. The site is set up as a shopping cart. You can click on all of the supplies suggested for that grade level or pick and choose which ones you need.

What if my child gets frustrated and wants to start over on their project?

One of the great things about art education is that it focuses on problem solving. Try to encourage your child to find a way to make it work. If they really want to start over, let them. But remember that there are seldom mistakes in art. Many of the world’s great works of art came out of “mistakes.”

Do we need to start with Kindergarten or can we start the program at any grade level?

Ideally you would begin the Home Art Studio in Kindergarten, but it is not necessary. Each grade level is age-appropriate and no one should feel lost if they join the program after Kindergarten. Many of the concepts are reinforced each year!

Why should I upload my student’s artwork?

This is a great chance for you to share your children’s masterpieces with family members.  We would also love to see the community grow and comment on one another’s artwork.  It’s easy to do!

How do I upload?

Have you verified your purchase? If not, click here and follow the instructions before any of the following.

You must be signed in. After signing in, click on the submit artwork banner in the sidebar to the right. Follow the instructions there and you’ll be set! Don’t forget to make sure your artwork is no larger than 3MB.

What are achievements?

Achievements are mini-challenges that members unlock by using the website, such as uploading artwork or commenting. They’re a fun way to encourage particapation amongst members and unlock trophies, which are saved to the member’s profile.

Click here to check out the Achievements!